Through a prism of race, gender, justice and equity, Western States Center works with communities and organizations to build movements, develop leaders, shift culture, and defend democracy.


Building Movements

Movements start with you!

We strengthen the organizing capacity of often-marginalized communities, with a particular emphasis on gender justice, racial justice, and tribal sovereignty work. We reach thousands of people every year in communities nationwide through our work with national, regional, and local partners to hold educational presentations and workshops.


Developing Leaders

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We provide training, leadership development, and organizational capacity support to social movements and leaders committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Over the last year, we convened nine cohorts and networks developing 281 leaders throughout the US and led 89 Schools Toolkit trainers in 26 states and two Canadian provinces.


Shifting Culture

Envisioning a more inclusive future

Through stories, art, and music, we are fostering a more inclusive future. We convene creatives who use culture as a vehicle for base and power building in non-traditional social change spaces.


Defending Democracy

Introducing Western States Strategies: An inclusive democracy demands action from us all. 

We help communities respond to social movements that exploit bigotry and intolerance. We engaged 28 rapid response interventions, including one federal lawsuit and united 66 local, state and regional electeds against hate and political violence.

 Personal story:
How we defend democracy

“Participating in the Northwest Racial Equity Leaders Project expanded my network, gave me new tools and resources in approaching crucial work in the communities I belong to and serve, and further reinforced the importance of carving out intentional time for reflection, information sharing, and healing.”

Tyler TerMeer
CEO, Cascade AIDS Project


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